Vidéo : At the food hall (2/2) - Dialogue en anglais

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At the food hall (2/2) - Dialogue en anglais

The Twins' Podcast

Enrichis ton vocabulaire en anglais avec Rose au restaurant ! (texte en anglais)

Rose: Hello.

Tom: Good afternoon. What will you have?

Rose: Oh, I'll have the fried rice and the sweet and sour pork… to take away, please.

Tom: Ok. What size?

Rose: Erm… Medium rice and small chicken.

Tom: Hey, didn’t you say that you wanted pork, not chicken?

Rose: Oops! Sorry! My mistake! Ok, the medium rice and the small pork, please. 

Tom: Ok. Anything to drink with that? Water, juice, soda…?

Rose: What juices do you have?

Tom: We have orange, apple, mango, pineapple, grapefruit.

Rose: Ok, I'll have apple juice, please.

Tom: Oh I’m sorry, we’re actually out of apple juice.

Rose: What? 

Tom: Do you want something else?

Rose: Ok… Um… mango, then, please.

Tom: Yes. Mango it is. There you go.

Rose: Lovely! How much do I owe you?

Tom: Ok, so we have a mango juice, we have a small pork and a medium rice… That will be er… £9.80, please.

Rose: Ok. Here’s £10.

Tom: Thank you. And your change… there you go.

Rose: Thanks.

Tom: Just one minute, please. Here you go. So… the juice, the rice and pork, extra hot sauce and your chopsticks. 

Rose: Cheers! Thank you.

Tom: Enjoy! Let’s see how you do with chopsticks…

Rose: Mmm… Maybe I’ll teach you one day.

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