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For a costume party! - Dialogue en anglais

The Twins' Podcast

Acheter un déguisement avec Jessie et Kyle ! (texte en anglais)

Jessie: Oh my god! I love this place! Look at all these costumes Kyle!

Kyle: Come on Jess, focus! The theme is “Flower Power”…

Jessie: Ok yes. You're right, we’re gonna be hippies…

Kyle: Oh! Hey!! Here are the hippy costumes!

Jessie: Oh my gosh! This is sooo me! This long flowing dress… Oh my goodness!

Kyle: Oh look at this vest and shirt! Groovy man!

Jessie: This flowery scarf…

Kyle: And the matching head-band! Oh! And the bell-bottomed pants! I'm gonna try these on!

Jessie: Perfect! Me too! Me too! Peace and love, man! Peace and love! What is wrong with you?

Kyle: The pants… they're too tight! I never wear tight pants…

Jessie: No, you look great, you look great, man… You really look great. But there's something wrong! Your hair!! It's too short… It's too short… Here! You need a wig! Put it on!

Kyle: You're kidding me… I can't wear this!

Jessie: Oh no, come on, man. You cannot wear a head-band with short hair… It’s not possible!

Kyle: There… you happy?

Jessie: Yeah! You look great! For me I think I should use some face tattoos… face paint… face paint…

Kyle: Oh yes, good idea… Wow! Stunning! But something's missing… Ah yeah… I know… The extra large round sunglasses!

Jessie: Good idea!

Kyle: Ta-da!

Jessie: Peace and love… man. Groovy!

Kyle: Flower power… cool!

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