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For jeans! - Dialogue en anglais

The Twins' Podcast

Acheter un jean avec Rose ! (texte en anglais)

Tom: Hi! Can I help you?

Rose: Hi! Yeah… I'm looking for the jeans I saw in the window… I really like the black ones over there.

Tom:  Okay, yeah… they're new this season! What size are you?

Rose: I think I'm a size 10.

Tom:  Size 10. Ok. Size 10… size 10… Try these on!

Rose: Thank you.

Tom:  How do they fit? 

Rose: Erm… Well… They're lovely! Uh Uh! Maybe, a bit too large, and a bit too long… Are you sure they're a size 10?

Tom:  Well, I think I'll just get you a smaller size, with shorter legs…

Rose: Yeah! Good idea!

Tom:  Here… Try these on!

Rose: Thank you very much.

Tom:  You're welcome! How do they fit? 

Rose: They're perfect! They fit perfectly!

Tom: That's much better!

Rose: Here!

Tom: Hu! Thank you!

Rose: How much are they? £55, is that right?

Tom: Yeah, that's right!

Rose: They're not cheap!

Tom: They're… They are trendy!

Rose: Yeah! But that's very expensive!

Tom: Yeah, but they're very cool!

Rose: £55, you're sure?

Tom: £55, yes!

Rose: Ok then, why not?

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