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Anglais02:28Publié le 24/01/2019

For a wedding! - Dialogue en anglais

The Twins' Podcast

Acheter un costume pour un mariage avec Tom ! (texte en anglais)

Rose: Ok… Here we are… So first… we'll find a suit for you, and then we can find a dress for me!

Tom: What do you mean a suit for me?

Rose: Yes, you know! You know cousin Emma! It’s her wedding day… the invitation said FORMAL…

Tom: Ok… So the invitation said… ''come as a penguin''. Great! So… where are these suits?

Rose: They're over here… Right under the sign that says MEN'S SUITS! Can you believe it? Come on then… what's your style?

Tom: I don’t know… I don't wear suits! 

Rose: Oh, make an effort… Look… Just try this one. And the dressing room is under the sign that says Dressing room… Amazing! Hurry up!

Tom: Yes! So… what do you think?

Rose: AH! Oh dear! It doesn’t fit at all! You look so funny! The jacket’s too tight and the trousers are too short… it doesn’t SUIT you! The suit doesn't suit him!

Tom: Can you please find me something bigger? I mean… It's too tight! I can't move… I can't breathe…

Rose: Ok grumpy! I think this one's bigger…

Tom: Oh no! It’s striped!

Rose: It's called “pinstriped”… it’s supposed to be stylish…

Tom: Well… Stylish or not, it’s not my style. Don't they have anything plain? Anything without stripes, or pin-stripes… just plain…

Rose: D'you know what? You're a pain!

Tom: Just playing the part of a grumpy customer, sis!

Rose: Well, then, you know what… it suits you!

Tom: It suits you!!

Rose: Try this one: it’s black, it's plain… the material is actually lovely!

Tom: Ok thanks… What do you think?

Rose: Wow! Tom! That suit looks amazing on you!

Tom: Are you making fun of me?

Rose: No… No… Honestly… Perfect fit, great cut… fantastic… Just have a look in the mirror! See for yourself!

Tom: Gosh… I do look stunning in this suit!

Rose: Well, not bad… for a penguin!

Tom: Get lost!

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