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For a sweatshirt! - Dialogue en anglais

The Twins' Podcast

Acheter un pull avec Jessie ! (texte en anglais)

Kyle: Hi there! Hello? How can I help you?

Jessie: Er… Um… I'm after a new sweatshirt…

Kyle: Well, you sure came to the right place! Are you looking for a specific brand?

Jessie: No, not really…

Kyle: Ok… so do you want a plain one, or with a design, or with writing on it or something…?

Jessie: Er… a plain one. No, with a design… No, a plain one with a design… 

Kyle: Ok. So what colors do you like best?

Jessie: I dunno… blue… to go with my jeans…

Kyle: How about this one: it's light blue, it's plain. And that one is dark blue with a light blue design on it.

Jessie: I'm not sure…

Kyle: Not sure… Not really… I dunno… Make up your mind… for goodness' sake!

Jessie: Hey! I'm the customer… 

Kyle: Would you like to try them on?

Jessie: Oh! That is a good idea.

Kyle: The changing rooms are over there or there's a mirror right here.

Jessie: Ok… I'll be right back!

Kyle: Hurray! How is it going over there?

Jessie: That's fine, thank you!

Kyle: Alright… just making sure… You sure? 

Jessie: Yes! My hair just got stuck! 

Kyle: Um… Hey, that looks really good!

Jessie: Wooh! Yeah!

Kyle: It's nice! 

Jessie: Yeah… How much is it?

Kyle: It's only $28.

Jessie: It's not bad… I'll take it!

Kyle: Great! Perfect! Right over there! 

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