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For a gift! - Dialogue en anglais

The Twins' Podcast

Acheter un cadeau avec Kyle ! (texte en anglais)

Kyle: Excuse me… Hi… Hello!

Jessie: Oh! Hi! Hi!

Kyle: Could you help me please?

Jessie: Yeah! Sure! No problem! What are you looking for?

Kyle: Er… A polo shirt… I think.

Jessie: Ok, so is this for you or is it a gift?

Kyle: No… It's for my younger brother. He's fourteen.

Jessie: All right, well… What colors does he like?

Kyle: Well, er… I don't know… he likes… orange… maybe?

Jessie: Not orange! Kyle… he is fourteen years old! Be realistic!

Kyle: Ok, ask me the question again…

Jessie: Ok, Oooh! Ok! What colors does he like?

Kyle: Blue, he likes blue… and grey, he likes grey too!

Jessie: Um… I think we have something! Uhh! Look at this…

Kyle: Oh no no no no no… He hates stripes…

Jessie: Ok… Erm… How about something like this, with a…, with a logo on it?

Kyle: Yeah, this one's not bad.

Jessie: Yeah!

Kyle: Oh but it's way too small…

Jessie: Ok, no problem, we have bigger sizes. This one is an S, so it's small… I'm sure we have a Medium… Yeah! Something like that? How's that? Is that ok?

Kyle: Yeah, this one looks fine… How much is it?

Jessie: $12.95.

Kyle: Oh! Great, thanks, I'll take it.

Jessie: Ok, excellent I will wrap this in a gift box for you! It's this way!

Kyle: Thank you!

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