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Jasmine’s holiday

After the summer break

Comment se sont passées les vacances de Jasmine ?

Tom: What about you? What did you do over the holidays? Why didn't you post any photos?

Jasmine: Maybe because I want to forget about it!

Tom: Ok ok, calm down! And tell me...

Jasmine: It was the summer from hell!

Tom: Was it? Was it really that bad?

Jasmine: It was the worst holiday ever! I was driving to Lake District with some friends. Just for a week... when the car broke down and we had to push it to the nearest garage!

Tom: I see... And how far was that?

Jasmine: Oh... At least a quarter of a mile...

Tom: Seriously? Oh, that's not good!

Jasmine: And it took twenty-four hours and three hundred pounds to get the car fixed!

Tom: Wow! That's bad luck!

Jasmine: Yes, it was! And when we finally arrived at the camp site in Windermere, it started raining. And we found out that one of our two tents had a big hole in it! So all four of us had to share this one tiny tent!

Tom: I don't suppose that was very comfy!!

Jasmine: No, it wasn't! And on the third day, I got the worst toothache I've ever had... I thought I was gonna die!

Tom: Oh! You really had an awful time, didn't you? By the way, did you bring back any souvenirs?

Jasmine: Oh yes, I did! A big bill from the dentist. But he did give me this really cool toothbrush...

Producteur : Éditions Didier

Année de copyright : 2014

Année de production : 2014

Publié le 25/01/19

Modifié le 24/03/20

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