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Jasmine’s interview - Part 2

Job interviews

Comment réussir son entretien d'embauche en anglais avec Jasmine !

Liam: Come in!

Jasmine: Good morning, Sir. I'm Laura Dean.

Liam: Ah yes! Hello, Laura, I'm Peter Cairn, the staff manager. Please take a seat.

Jasmine: Thank you, Sir. Excuse me, I'll just turn that off.

Liam: So, Laura, what can you tell me about yourself?

Jasmine: Well, I'm 18 years old. I'm applying for this job because I love nature and I'm fond of working outdoors. That'd be great for a change...

Liam: For a change? Er... What do you mean? 

Jasmine: For the past three years I've worked in my uncle's cafeteria, doing the dishes, at week-ends, half-terms, summer holidays. It's been great work experience, but I'd love to try something new, and outdoors...

Liam: Have you ever done any gardening before?

Jasmine: To be honest, not a lot, just mow my parents' lawn, but I'm keen to learn. I'm hard worker and I think I'm really reliable.

Liam: And erm do you realise you'd have to be here by six?

Jasmine: Oh! That's not an issue. I'm a morning person.

Liam: Ok, well, so, well the job pays 7.5 an hour. Do you have any questions?

Jasmine: No, I don't, but I'd just like to say I'd really enjoy working here.

Liam: Noted Laura! Well, we do have a few more people to interview, but we'll be back to you by the end of the week. Er... Thank you for coming in!

Jasmine: Thank you for your time, Sir! Goodbye.

Liam: Goodbye.

Jasmine: Well, how did I do?

Liam: Much better! That was so good that time.

Jasmine: So? Do I get to drive that golf cart now?

Liam: You just might!

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Année de copyright : 2014

Année de production : 2014

Publié le 25/01/19

Modifié le 24/03/20

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