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Jasmine’s interview - Part 1

Job interviews

Comment rater son entretien d'embauche ? La preuve avec Jasmine !

Liam: Come in! Hello, you must be Laura Dean.

Jasmine: Yeah, that's right.

Liam: Okay. Well, take a seat. Er... I'm Peter Cairn, I'm the staff manager. Er... I've been waiting for you...

Jasmine: Yeah, sorry. It's a long drive from Dublin! I didn't think it was gonna take that long...

Liam: Anyway. Tell me a little bit about yourself.

Jasmine: What... What do you want to know? 

Liam: Well, what kind of jobs you've had, for a start...

Jasmine: Well... I've worked on and off at my uncle's cafeteria, doing dishes, at weekends, or in the summer...

Liam: Right. Now, as you saw in the ad, we're looking for an assistant gardener. Have you ever done any gardening before?

Jasmine: No, but it shouldn't be too hard, just pushing the lawn mower around or turning on the sprinklers! I do have a question though. The ad said the job starts early in the morning. How early? Do you mean like eight o'clock?

Liam: Eight o'clock? Our golfers are here before seven! You'd have to be here by six...

Jasmine: Six! Wow! That's early! But we do get breaks, right, coffee breaks... don't we?

Liam: Yes, of course you get coffee breaks. You get two coffee breaks, two twenty-minute coffee breaks, and an hour lunch break. Right... well... Do you have any more questions?

Jasmine: Yeah... How much will I get?

Liam: The job pays 7.50 an hour. Well, unless you have any more questions, we'll get back to you by the end of the week...

Jasmine: Ok. I'll be waiting for your call! 

Liam: Yeah, alright. Thank you for your time!

Jasmine: Oh, no problem! See ya! Hey - do I get to drive the golf carts?

Liam: I don't think so, Jasmine. Because you won't be getting the job, come on! Seriously!

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Année de copyright : 2014

Année de production : 2014

Publié le 25/01/19

Modifié le 24/03/20

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