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Anglais03:00Publié le 25/01/2019

Tom’s interview - Part 1 - Dialogue en anglais

The Twins' Podcast

Comment rater son entretien d'embauche ? La preuve avec Tom ! (texte en anglais)

Liam: Come in, come in. Hello, I'm Mr. O' Grady.  You must be Jeremy Keating.

Tom: Yes. Yes.

Liam: Ok! Have a seat.

Tom: I'm on time, right? Took me ages to get here. I had to take two buses, it was so long! And it's so hot today! Can you believe this? In Dublin! Isn't it supposed to be raining all the time?

Liam: Now, Jeremy... tell me a little bit about yourself.

Tom: Well, my friends call me Jerry, I'm 17 years old, I originally come from Bath, but now I live in London with my parents. My mum is french and my dad is irish. I've already worked in France, so I thought, why not try to work in Ireland?

Liam: Ok, what kind of jobs have you had?

Tom: Erm, I've had... I worked for... I baby-sat for some... for a family in France last year. For three weeks. They were actually my cousins, but it still counts as a real job, doesn't it? It was really hard work! 

Liam: So... Why are you interested in this job?

Tom: Well, I need the money, I speak french... and a bit of german, and the hours are good, so I can go out at night - I've got
loads of friends and family here.

Liam: Right... erm... Now, Jeremy... er... we do need someone to come in to work on saturdays, as well as during the week.

Tom: No problem, I don't mind! As long as I have my evenings off. So, erm... what is the job exactly?

Liam: Well, we mainly need someone who can help with stocking shelves, gift wrapping...

Tom: No, no, no, no. I like to talk to the customers. I've got great communication skills, and it's more fun! And there are loads of french and german tourists here in Dublin.

Liam: If I may continue... we're also looking for someone who can speak several languages - as can all our staff. So it's good, Jeremy, that you can speak several languages but we will need you to work as well!

Tom: Ok...

Liam: Right... now... er... we do need to interview a few more people so we'll get back to you by the end of the week.

Tom: Ok... I'm sure I'll be perfect for the job!

Liam: Thank you Jeremy.

Tom: Thanks a lot.

Liam : Goodbye.

Tom: Wasn't that the best what-not-to-do interview?

Liam: Yeah Tom, you're really good at being bad!

Tom: Thank you!

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