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Anglais02:07Publié le 25/01/2019

Tom’s interview - Part 2 - Dialogue en anglais

The Twins' Podcast

Comment réussir son entretien d'embauche en anglais avec Tom ! (texte en anglais)

Liam: Come in! Come in, come in. Hello! You must be Jeremy Keating. Right. Please, have a seat!

Tom: Thank you. I'm sorry, I'm a bit wet. It's raining outside.

Liam: Never mind Jeremy. Tell me a little bit about yourself.

Tom: Well, I'm 17. I live in London.  I'm here in Dublin for the summer holidays and I'm hoping to find a summer job. I was brought up bilingual. My mother is French and my father is Irish. And I think I'm quite easy to get along with, and I enjoy meeting new people and trying new things.

Liam: Now have you had any previous work experience?

Tom: Er... Yes. I've run errands for my neighbour since I was twelve. She's a lovely old lady. I go shopping for her, I pick up her magazines. It takes me about two hours a week. And I also baby-sat for my aunt and uncle last summer in France. I looked after their kids... their children.

Liam: Now, why are you interested in this particular job?

Tom: Well, I think my french can come in handy in a souvenir shop! And I speak a bit of german! And the work experience
would be amazing.

Liam: All right, Jeremy. So... Is it clear to you though that you'd have to come in on saturdays, too?

Tom: Oh yes, of course, no problem.

Liam: Ok. Well... er ... We're mainly looking for someone who can stack shelves, gift wrap and who has good communication skills. You seem to tick all those boxes. So, if you are successful, could you come in on Monday for training?

Tom: Yes. That'd be great!

Liam: Ah ...Very good, Jeremy. Er...Well, we'll be back to you very quickly. So... Thanks for coming in!

Tom: Great! Thank you.

Liam: That's it, Tom. That's much, much better!

Tom: See, I'm also really good ... at being good!

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