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Tom’s holiday - Dialogue en anglais

The Twins' Podcast

Tom raconte ses vacances de rêve à Los Angeles. Il a visité les studios de cinéma d'Hollywood et marché sur Sunset Boulevard.

Comment se sont passées les vacances de Tom ? (texte en anglais)

Jasmine:Hey! Nice shirt! You bought that in Los Angeles, didn't you?

Tom: Yeah! How did you guess?

Jasmine: Well, you only posted about two hundred photos online!

TomI know... It was sooo good! I really must tell you about my holidays! It was really exciting! And L.A. was brilliant!

Jasmine: Yeah. I saw the zillions and zillions of photos you posted.

Tom: And we visited Hollywood. The Movie Studios were so exciting. And I saw Shrek's star on the Walk of Fame!

Jasmine: Yes Tom, I know! And you were wearing that shirt! 

Tom: Yeah. And we walked down Sunset Boulevard. I loved the palm trees - just like in the movies!

Jasmine: That's why you took twenty-three pictures of you standing next to a palm tree! I did wonder.

Tom: Yeah... But on the photos you can't see how hot it was! It was...

Jasmine: Over a hundred degrees. I know! You texted me!

Tom: One hundred degrees Fahrenheit, not Celsius! One hundred degrees Fahrenheit would be about 38 degrees Celsius. Yeah, it was so hot! Most days, we just went to the beach: three whole weeks swimming in the Pacific Ocean. Perfect dream holidays, really!

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