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Who's who? - Introduction - Dialogue en anglais

The Twins' Podcast

Les explications de Tom pour suivre ses podcasts et perfectionner ton anglais.

Enrichis ton vocabulaire en anglais et perfectionne ton accent avec The Twins' Podcast ! (texte en anglais)

Hi, I’m Tom. I've got lots of friends, from all around the world and… er… well… their english isn’t too bad! But they want to practise and they need examples. So they asked me for help… (Tom, Tom, Tom, help! Help!) So I started this podcast… Let me show you how you can learn english with it!! 

This first podcast is called “Who's who?”. You are watching the introduction and there are four episodes. Always watch each episode, once or twice with the english subtitles off. And then, watch again with the english subtitles on. And well, then, you can do the Perfect your Accent role-play and the activities.


Find out who are Tom, Rose and their american friends, Jessie and Kyle.

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