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Fight for fun - Introduction - Dialogue en anglais

The Twins' Podcast

Jasmine et Tom nous explique l'art de la dispute (texte en anglais)

Jasmine: Hello, I'm Jasmine.

Tom: And I'm Tom.

Jasmine: And you’re watching the Twins' podcast…

Tom: Today, we’re going to fight!

Jasmine: Well, no Tom… we're not actually going to fight. We're going to show you how to argue, which is really useful!

Tom: Because arguing often happens! We argue all the time...

Jasmine: I wonder why...

Tom: This is gonna be fun... Fights for fun! We’ve invited our friends from all over the world…

Jasmine: Stacey…

Stacey: Hi! 

Jasmine: And Cheryl...

Cheryl: Hi! 

Tom: And my friends Kyle and Liam!

Kyle: Hi everybody! Oh… Liam is late again.

Tom: As usual... Oh well, are you ready?

Jasmine, Tom, Stacey, Kyle & Cheryl: It’s...the Twins' podcast!


Fed up with someone who's late, who always forgets events, who is always greedy or breaks every somenone else's thing ? Let's see how the Twins' podcast and their friends argue each other.

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