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Anglais01:25Publié le 29/01/2019

You're always late! - Dialogue en anglais

The Twins' Podcast

Stacy et Kyle attendent désespérément Tom pour une séance au cinéma.

Les retards de Tom (texte en anglais)

Stacey: Yeah, but we’ve been waiting here for an hour! I wanted to see the movie!

Kyle: Do you want to go... I don’t know... bowling?

Stacey: It’s always like this...

Kyle: He's not answering his cell…

Stacey: I don’t know what to do!

Kyle: What do you want to do?

Tom: Sorry guys, I missed the bus...

Stacey: You missed the bus?! We've been waiting here for an hour! How many buses did you miss exactly?

Kyle: It's alright... He's here now! We thought you had forgotten. Why didn't you text us? Don't tell me you lost your cell phone…

Tom: No I didn't. And I didn't forget! It’s just that... well, I was busy… and there aren't many buses running on Saturdays… and... look I'm sorry we missed the movie.

Stacey: You say you're sorry but you're always late! You just can't be bothered to show up on time!

Kyle: Hey! No need to get upset, there's nothing we can do about it now, so...

Stacey: I’m sick of it! You act like your time is more important than ours.

Tom: No, I don't!

Stacey: We agreed to go to the movies at three, so that means you should be here at three… not at quarter past four!!

Tom: Look, I’m sorry we missed the movie ok?

Kyle: Come on guys! Let's not argue, we'll just wait for the 5:30 show… How's that?

Tom: Sounds perfect.

Stacey: Yeah… Ok.

Kyle: Come on... Let's get some drinks while we're waiting...

Tom: Ok, see? I'm early now!

Stacey: Don't push it! And you're buying the drinks!

Tom: Okay, that’s fair enough!

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Publié le 29/01/19

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