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You drowned my tablet!

The Twins' Podcast

La maladresse de Jasmine

Jasmine: I don’t know...

Cheryl: Oh!

Jasmine: Come in!

Stacey: Hi guys!

Cheryl: Hi Stacey!

Jasmine: Hi! Would you like some tea or something to eat?

Stacey: No, no thanks. Oh but Jasmine I left my tablet here yesterday… Did you find it?

Jasmine: Yes, well... There it is…

Stacey: Great, thanks… Hey! Why aren't you working? Jasmine, what happened?

Cheryl: Don't... don’t worry, maybe it just needs charging…

Jasmine: Well… I was washing my face last night and listening to your music and it... it sort of fell into the sink… and… and there was some water…

Stacey: You dropped my tablet in the sink!? I can't believe it!

Jasmine: I'm sorry…

Stacey: You're so clumsy! You're always breaking people’s things!

Cheryl: Calm down, calm down, I'm sure she didn't do it on purpose!

Stacey: I don't care! She already broke my phone, my sunglasses and now my tablet!

Jasmine: I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to drown it…

Stacey: You always do things like this! Always break people's stuff…

Cheryl: Hey, that's not true! I lent her my Mp4 player and she hasn't broken that…

Jasmine: … Well… About that…

Cheryl: You haven't broken it, have you?

Jasmine: No, I haven't!

Cheryl: See?

Jasmine: But I think I might have lost it…

Cheryl: What? You lost it!? You are careless… I am never lending you anything ever again!

Stacey: Calm down Cheryl, I'm sure she didn't do it on purpose!

Producteur : Éditions Didier

Année de copyright : 2014

Année de production : 2014

Publié le 29/01/19

Modifié le 24/03/20

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