Vidéo : You ate my chips! - Dialogue en anglais

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You ate my chips! - Dialogue en anglais

The Twins' Podcast

Rien ne résiste à Tom quand il a faim... surtout les frites de Jasmine !

La gourmandise de Tom (texte en anglais)

Jasmine: What have you done? Those were my chips!

Tom: Sorry, I was hungry...

Jasmine: So? The fish&chips van is just over there! Why didn't you get your own chips? Instead of eating mine!

Tom: But, they were just next to me, calling to me: "Tom eat us! Tom eat us!"

Jasmine: Ah, very funny! You're always taking my things! I can't leave you alone for five minutes! You're so self-centred...

Tom: Ok! Back off! I said I was sorry, it’s just a couple of chips! Stop nagging me!

Jasmine: That's so typical of you! I’m not letting you get away with it this time. I want my chips!

Tom: Ok, Ok... I'll get you some more... But, erm... could you lend me a couple of pounds? I haven't got any money with me...

Jasmine: He is absolutely hopeless...

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