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You ruined my party!

The Twins' Podcast
Publié le 29/01/19Modifié le 11/09/19

Les oublis de Stacey

Stacey: Hi Kyle! How is it going? Erm... Is something wrong?

Kyle: Didn't you forget something?

Stacey:  No, I don't think so! Why?

Kyle: My birthday… was yesterday…

Stacey: Your birthday was yesterday? Really? Oh, I forgot about that, I’m sorry!

Kyle: Sorry?! You should be sorry! But you don't sound very sorry!

Stacey: Stop moaning Kyle! I'll get you a present...

Kyle: Stacey, never mind the present! You ruined my party! You were supposed to be there and organise the music. Remember?

Stacey: I was supposed to organise the music? Are you sure about that?

Kyle: Yes, you were supposed to prepare and bring the playlist!

Stacey: Doesn’t Tom usually do that?

Kyle: You don’t remember a thing do you? Tom had exams last week, he didn’t have the time and you said you could do it.

Stacey: Oh now I remember… hum. That was yesterday? You should have called me.

Kyle: I did, I left you twenty messages!

Stacey: Oh yeah… My phone was out of battery and I forgot to charge it! Silly me! Oh! Come on Kyle... it's not that big a deal...

Kyle: Not a big deal? Your birthday is next month, isn’t it? Guess what, I’m not gonna be there, not a big deal...

Stacey: I think I really messed up... Er… Kyle! Wait up!

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