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Let's tell stories! - Introduction

The Twins' Podcast

Racontons des histoires

Tom: Hi, I'm Tom.

Rose: And I'm Rose. You're watching the Twins' podcast!

Tom: Today we're going to help you tell stories.

Rose: Funny stories, embarrassing stories and scary stories.

Tom: I can do funny stories….

Rose: And I can do scary and embarrassing! Very embarrassing!

Tom: But… who can do very scary stories?.

Rose:Well, our friend from Scotland… of course! Fiona!

Tom: Fiona!

Rose: Fiona!

Fiona: We, Scots, are the best at detective or horror stories… Do you know why? Because we live in the most haunted country in the world! Ooo! Ooo!

Tom: And you think that's scary? Please….

Fiona: Wait till you hear my story!


Ready for listening to a ghost story, an embarrassing story or a funny story? Go!

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