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Stacey’s vacation - Dialogue en anglais

The Twins' Podcast

Pour les vacances, Stacey est retournée dans sa famille en Alabama. Elle a passé du temps avec sa grand-mère, ses amis, fêté l'anniversaire de sa soeur et fait de l'équitation.

Comment se sont passées les vacances de Stacey ? (texte en anglais)

Stacey: Hey!

Cheryl: Hi! How are you doing?

Stacey: Good!

Cheryl: So tell me... How was your vacation?

Stacey: Nice...

Cheryl: Wow, you don't sound really enthusiastic!

Stacey: No, really, It was good. I went home to be with my parents. And I spent some time with my grandma. 

Cheryl: Sounds great. 

Stacey: No really, it was good... It's always good to get back home.

Cheryl: So, tell me, what did you do in Springville, Alabama?

Stacey: Well, I went horseback riding... I never get to ride horses in London! I miss it so much!

Cheryl: I didn't know you were into horseback-riding... 

Stacey: Yeah, I bet there are a lot of things you don't know about me! But, hey, did I tell you about my little sister?

Cheryl: You mean... Celia?

Stacey: Yeah Celia! She turned sixteen this year, so we had a huge 'sweet sixteen' party for her! Back home in the US, turning sixteen is a very big deal! We made tons of little cupcakes, of all different colors and flavors...

Cheryl: Oh, I just love cupcakes! 

Stacey: We had such a good time making them together, but, afterwards, boy! did we make a mess of the kitchen!

Cheryl: So you did have a nice vacation!

Stacey: Yeah! And I got to spend some time with my old friends from high school. It was great... just to hang out with them again... So, yeah! It was a real nice vacation back home, in Springville, Alabama!

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