Vidéo : The preparation of the Olympics Games of 1936

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The preparation of the Olympics Games of 1936

Les champions d'Hitler (english version)

How Hitler wants to show the future greatness of Germany

Near Berlin, the architect Werner March chooses a fifteen thousand squares meters site for the future olympic stadium. The Eckart amphitheater,  bearing the name of a notorious anti-Semit, copy the one of Delphes, which the Greeks consider as the center of the world. Hitler's favourite sculptor, Arno Breker, raises an army of monumental sculptures destined to circle Berlin stadium. On the ten tons olympic bell made of steel (instead of cast iron), the opening of the Winter Olympic Games is under the auspices of an german eagle that already class the olympic rings in its talons.

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Réalisateur : Jean-Christophe Rosé

Producteur : FTV, Planète, RTS, TV5Monde

Publié le 03/04/19

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