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Been there, done that… Introduction - Dialogue en anglais

The Twins' Podcast

Tu aimes l'aventure ? Découvre de quoi Rose et Tom sont capables et surtout de quoi est capable Jonathan, leur ami canadien. 

Les aventures de Rose et Tom (texte en anglais)

Tom: Hi there I'm Tom.

Rose: And I'm Rose.

Tom: And this is the Twins' podcast!

Rose: So, we've met this terrific canadian guy…

Tom: And he's really nice, but very talkative.

Rose: True… and he asks lots of questions.

Tom: So we realized something…

Rose: You need to learn how to ask questions too…

Tom: and how to answer questions about your life and your experiences.

Rose: Very useful… so that you can show off…

Tom: First, we'll start with a quiz…

Rose: And then our canadian friend will join us!

Tom: So stay tuned!


Are you an adventurer? Are you audacious? Find out what Rose is capable, and so Tom! And find out what Jonathan, their canadian friend, is capable to do in England and what they are capable to do in Canada!

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